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2016 Call for Scores


Ballistic Etude 3.1 - Mark Kilstofte


Overcoming - Jonathan Grier

Riesenschritte - Andrian Pertout

Rite. Apotheosis. - Carl Schimmel

Fractual Miniatures - Roger Zare


Pieces of Silver - John Allemeier

Electric Sheep - Christopher Flores

Albatross - Loren Loiacono

Moments from Killing the Goat - Andrew McManis

Full Faith and Credit  - Jonathan Russell

In the Moth Hour - Susanne Sorkin

Moving On - Erich Stem

The More Things Change - Ingrid Stölzel

Bliss Point - Piotr Szewczyk

Goal for Call for Scores:

The goal for the 2016 Call for Scores was to build connections and relationships with composers and to surface new works that could possibly be programmed in future Latitude 49 programs, or recorded on future albums


The Mission of Latitude 49:

Latitude 49 seeks to craft experiences in both concert hall and classroom that are creative, poignant, and lasting. With a commitment to new music as our fulcrum, we welcome all into our extended musical family, cultivating relationships with composers that grow beyond the premiere, and delivering vibrant performances that resonate with listeners beyond the final note. Our concerts are invitations into the moment, spaces for elevated awareness, and grist for ponderings both individual and global. Chamber music is the model for all that we do, both within the ensemble and without, inviting all to join actively in co-creating the Latitude experience.

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