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LATITUDE 49 Launches Giving Tuesday Fundraiser, funding educational initiatives.


Join the family

With members coming together from across the United States and Canada, Latitude 49 epitomizes a diverse, unconventional family of sounds, instruments, and human experiences. There has never been a better time to join our Latitude 49 family and be part of what is happening!


As a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we are committed to our mission of supporting living composers and sustaining music through commissioning, performance, education, and audience enrichment. If you've been to a performance or perhaps an educational workshop, you have hopefully experienced the contagious energy in the room and been inspired by new sounds and ideas - Now, we encourage you to get involved and make a difference with us by contributing a tax-deductible donation and join our family of supporters!


Your tax-deductable gift will directly support:

  • Commissions of groundbreaking works

  • Distinctive collaborations

  • Signature curated concert experiences

  • Educational workshops that foster future generations of artists

  • Travel and operational costs


Joining the family gives you opportunities to directly engage with us and receive exclusive perks!


Love of our Lati-Lives: $1,000 and UP


Soul Mate: $500-$999

Season sponsor status and all perks below


Immediate Family: $250-$499

Your name in the score of our next commission as co-sponsor and all perks below


Extended Family: $100-$249

Two tickets to a show plus Lati-dinner with the group and all perks below


In-laws We Love: $50-$99

Two tickets to a show and all perks below


Family Friend: $0-$49

Digital download or physical CD and inclusion in our Online Donor Listings



The easiest way to give is through Paypal by clicking below. We also accept donations by phone at 825-994-4840, bank-transfers sent to  or personal checks mailed to our address:






Latitude 49 New Music Ensemble
c/o Andy Hall

6655 Jackson Road, Unit 550

Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Our Tax ID Code is: 81-3957964


Our donors are pretty amazing folks – they are our co-creators in all that we do, and we couldn’t exist without them! Latitude 49 gratefully acknowledges the following donors for their support:

$1,000 and UP:

John Bierbusse
Bruno Yoshioka

Soul Mate: $500-$999

William Maylone
Roberta Melton
Jani Parsons

Immediate Family: $250-$499

Bernard Conroy
Scott McAllister

Extended Family: $100-$249

Spark and Julie Geissler
Jack Kinsey
Weiqun and Catalina Li
Jared Miller
Boson Mo
Jana and Pat Miller
Jason and Bonnie-Lyn Paige
Susan Sies
Tim Sies
Carolyn and Bruce Steeves
Susan Swaney
Ruddy Terrell
Scott Verduin
Jacobson Woollen

In-laws We Love: $50-$99

Ilya Blinov
Bradley Bolen
Andrea Chang
Ian Ding and Gina Dibello
Liz Harris
Rachel and Russ Hegedus
Jennifer Higdon
Younggun Kim
Sunita Kiti-Tanden

Hsin-Chieh Jessica Li
Ira Mulo and Gjergji Gaqi
Marc Mellits and Cristina Buciu
Ruth Paige
Sherri Parsons
Cathyren Provine
Melody Quah
Catherine Lehr Ramos
Nick Rifkin
Justin Rito
Isobel Seubert
Doug Smith
Valeria Whitney

Family Friend: $0-$49

Ann Hudson
Michael Benson
Erika Boysen
Sarah and Willy Chabot
Andrea Christie
Jon Connelly
Sam Cooper
Shi-An Costello
Mark Dover
Larry and Arlene Dunn
Ryan Greene
Michael Hall
Langston Hemingway
Patty Hughes
Lisa Keeney
Fitz McGirr
Steven Naimark
Christopher Narloch
David Newton
Una O’riordan
Vera Parkin
Brian Petuch
Jake Saunders
Arlo Shultis
Ingrid Stolzel
Dan VanHassell
Rajung Yang
Roger Zare
Jocelyn Zelasko
Ron Amchin

Spencer Arias
Mike Avitabile
Jay Baldwin
Daniel Brottman
Kirsten Carey
Sookkyung Cho
David Coy
Dane Crozier
Anna Hughes DeLuca
Luke Ellard
Kyle Flens
Chelsea Gallo
Iman Habibi
Jonathan Hannau
Preston Hart
Lucas Hopkins
Andy Hudson
Bradley Jensen
Hyewon Jung
Alexis Lamb
Jeffrey Leung
Christine Harada Li
Darren Lin
Nick Luby
Michael Malis
Adam Marks
Allegra Montenari
Jules Pegram
Laura Perkett
Amy Petrengelli
Melanie Pozdol
Kate Pukinskis
Suby Raman
Sam Ross
Evan Saddler
Carl Schimmel
Annika Sokolofsky
Sarah Steeves
Sarah Vanderploeg
Robin and Meg Wallace
TJ Wolfgram

Education that Builds a Future


Your gifts help us to reach more students with groundbreaking music, entrepreneurship training, and meaningful, creative exploration!

Travel and Operational Costs


With members coming together from across North America, every dollar donated allows us to come together and continue to make great art!

Commissions of New Works


Since founding, Latitude 49 has commissioned over 50 new works by emerging and established living composers! We want YOU to be an integral part of bringing new music to life!

Distinctive Collaborations


We partner with like-minded organizations and ensembles to present dynamic concert experiences that support our communities.

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