RELEASES  March 19, 2021

Latitude 49
Max Geissler, Cello
Andy Hall, Saxophones
Andy Hudson, Clarinets
Jani Parsons, Piano and Toy Pianos
Chris Sies, Percussion and Electronics
Timothy Steeves, Violin

Recorded and Produced by Latitude 49
Mixed and Mastered by Bill Maylone

Cover Art by Chris Sies

LATITUDE 49 absolutely LOVES working with composers to create new music, but 2020 has been really difficult. Without live concerts and the ability to travel to be together, we have each found ourselves alone and in search of ways to foster artistic connection and to respond to the injustices we see in the world and in the arts.

The Bagatelles Project is a response to that. Each of our six musicians contacted a variety of composers and asked them to write a brief Bagatelle for their solo instrument. All artistic ideas were left up to the composers besides the time-limit. Two digital concerts featured the world premiere performances of all the Bagatelles on Mar. 5 and Mar 19, 2021. The bandcamp album was released on Mar. 19, 2021.

We have dedicated this entire project to support an organization we love, the Coalition for African Americans in the Performing Arts (CAAPA). All proceeds given to Latitude 49 during the premiere performances and through the purchase of the Bagatelles album will be given 100% in perpetuity to this wonderful organization. You can learn more about the wonderful mission and ethos of that organization through their website:

We encourage you to listen, enjoy, and purchase the album to support our work in building greater equity and diversity in the arts.



1.  Keith Kirchoff - An Imaginary Folk Tale (piano)

Steven Banks.jpg

2.  Steven Banks – Broken (clarinet)

Headshot New Music USA 2016.png

3.  Daniel Knaggs – Bagatelle (violin)

Evan Williams-1004.jpg

4.  Evan Williams – for {loops} (sax)


5.  Gabriella Reyna – Fill in the Blank (percussion)

DSC04146 2.JPG

6.  Chen Yihan – Stuck in Peking: I (cello)

Yuanyuan (Kay) HE.jpg

7.  Kay He - Pale Blue Dot (piano)

8.  Shar Joyner – With My Head In The Clouds (clarinet)


9.  Keith Allegretti – Life Buoy (violin)


10.  Broxson - Saturn, still returning (percussion)

Jeremy 1.webp

11.  Jeremy Crosmer – Fugatelle (sax)


12.  Nicky Sohn – the last smile of love (cello)


13.  Anthony R. Green – It’s ALMOST... (microtonal toy pianos)


14.  Annika Socolofsky – The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows: lilo (violin) 


15.  Chelsea Loew – Wisp (clarinet)

Hilary Purrington_Headshot.jpg

16.  Hilary Purrington – future perfect (cello)


17.  Spencer Arias – The week before the end (sax) 


18.  Tomás Gueglio – Fish (percussion)

19.  Jeremy Siskind – Reincarnation (piano) 

Anthony Cheung.jpg

20.  Anthony Cheung – sub-liminal (clarinet) 

21.  Scott McAllister - Crazy (cello)


22.  Kirsten Carey - TwentyTwenty Twenty Years (percussion)

JocelynMorlockInstamatic1 photo credit G

23.  Jocelyn Morlock – Four Seasons Tonal Landscaping (violin)

Jules Pegram_PHOTO_credit-ASCAP.jpg

24.  Jules Pegram – Elegy (sax) 

Cecilia Livingston photo 2 by Daniel Ale

25.  Cecilia Livingston - Sea Glass (piano)

Headshot glitter.jpg

26.  Grey Grant – LOOK MA! NO HANDS! (Sax)


27.  Zac Bru - Itty Bitty Raygun (percussion)


28.  Viet Cuong - Looking Up (clarinet)


29.  Theo Chandler – Bagatelle (cello) 


30.  Am’re Ford – Prelude from Talk Music (violin)

31.  Jon Brown – Telos (percussion / vox)

Flagello Headshot Horizontal.jpeg

32.  Gala Flagello – Moon Dream (sax) 

Photo Nov 28, 6 35 53 PM (4).jpg

33.  Sonya Belaya – Look For Your Own (piano) 

34.  Alex Shawver – Honeycomb (violin) 

Nina Shekhar headshot (landscape-highres

35.  Nina Shekhar – SQUEAL (sax) headshot.jpg

36.  Erberk Eryılmaz – Flying Kopanitsa (cello)