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A collection of works by Christopher Cerrone
In Collaboration with Latitude 49, Chicago Fringe Opera, and Christophe Cerrone

The vital and intimate emotional world of composer Christopher Cerrone is at the heart of Love Wounds. This evening of immersive theater will feature Chicago Fringe Opera, Chicago’s premiere “alt-opera” company, in collaboration with the powerhouse mixed-ensemble Latitude 49. Universal stories of love, loss and our sense of self will be explored by all performers in this production of multiple works that span the ancient to the millennial experience. Cerrone shows us the beauty and the gift in the wounds we carry and the music we can make of them. Including the cycles I Will Learn to Love a Person and The Naomi Songs, Cerrone’s one-act opera All Wounds Bleed, and a world premiere commission, Love Wounds seeks to intensify the theatrical communication between the vocalists, instrumentalists, and audience in order to bring us closer to each other and ourselves. Recent winner of the 2015 Rome Prize and Pulitzer Prize finalist for his opera Invisible Cities, Christopher Cerrone will be closely involved with Love Wounds, serving as composer/arranger and co-curator.


PLAY transports the audience into an immersive sonic and visual playground--a program packed with the quirky, the sublime, and the unexpected. Brace yourself for a constantly engaging experience with surprising music that twists and turns, drawing in active interaction and participation from everyone in attendance. PLAY is guaranteed to inspire the experimental and creative spirit in all of us as it turns the traditional concert experience upside down.


Marc Mellits - BLACKITUDE (listen to duo version here)

Thomas Kotcheff - Bang Z (listen to original version here)

Ravel - Jeux D’eau (listen here)

Danny Clay - Playbook (listen here)

Viet Cuong - Wax and Wire (listen the Latitude 49 perform here)


Henry Brant - Music for a Five and Dime (listen here)

Chris Sies - “Day Trips”  (PREMIERE)

Juri Seo - Canon, Rondeau, Fugue (listen to Latitude 49 perform here)

Steve Snowden - “Looner Eclipse” (watch tutorial here)

Pierce Gradone - Vamp (listen to Latitude 49 perform here)

this might hurt a little


David Wilde -The Cellist of Sarajevo

Gabriella Smith - Number Nine

Christopher Cerrone - Double Happiness

Roshanne Etezady - Glint

Justin Rito - Reaching/Failing

Chris Sies - these (were) used to harm

Hope for




Gabriella Smith - Huascarán 

Annika Socolofsky - A Sense of Who

Viet Cuong - Wax and Wire

Phil Taylor - Emergence

Timothy Page - Humayan

Mark Kilstofte - Ballistic Etude 3.1


Jennifer Higdon - Zaka

Natalie Moller - Fragments of the Cosmos

Joseph Bozich - Labyrinths

Messiaen - O Sacrum Convivium

Reinaldo Moya - Polythene Sonata Product

Virgil Moorefield - A Wish for the Displaced


Of Curious Minds


John Dorhauer - Puzzle Lunch Tulips Cheezeborger

Tomás I. Gueglio - Sextet II

Jared Miller - The Duality of Nostalgia

Virgil Moorefield - A Wish for the Displaced

Garrett Schumann - A 5-note Chord, as seen from the porch of a curious mind

Gabriella Smith - Huascarán

This concert features six groundbreaking commissions, illuminating a curious sonic mosaic. A selection of L49 favorites, all six of these works appear on our upcoming debut album, and explore uniquely attractive soundscapes.

Time Past & Time Present:

a musical remembering


Nico Muhly - Doublespeak

Joan Tower - Petroushskates

George Crumb - Dream Sequence

Pierre Jalbert - Dome of Heaven from Visual Abstract

Jared Miller - Duality of Nostalgia

Brian Petuch - Frames

Perotin - Sederunt Principes

“Time Past and Time Present” is an exploration of the role of memory in our lives, our art, and our cultures. Music of living composers (along with one from the 12th century) will join with words and images creating a space for the summoning of memories and the consideration of what it means to remember.


The program will include both the playful and the solemn, engaging progressively with the subjects of reminiscence and personal narrative, the neuroscience of memory, nostalgia and traumatic memory, and music as cultural memory.

Featured composers include Brian Petuch and Jared Miller (works commissioned by Latitude 49), as well as Nico Muhly, George Crumb, and Joan Tower. The artwork of Hye Lee will also be featured, along with the words of T.S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf. But the program’s true materials will be you: your memories and your thoughts.

From Chicago…


Barcrawl - Zac Lavender

Roshanne Etezady - Damaged Goods

John Dorhauer - Puzzle Lunch Tulips Cheezeborger

Tomás I. Gueglio - Sextet II

Marc Mellits - Platter of Discontent

New Digs


Jennifer Higdon - Zaka

Reinaldo Moya - The Island with the Imaginary Moons from Imagined Archipelagos

Roshanne Etezady - Glint

Marc Mellits - Selections from Platter of Discontent and Tight Sweater

Stacy Garrop - Silver Dagger

Olivier Messiaen - Louange à l'Éternité de Jésus

Steve Mackey - Micro Concerto

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